Nautical Troop 32 Fort Lauderdale

Founded in 2011, Nautical Troop 32 offers the traditional Boy Scouts of America curriculum with a nautical theme.  We are simply a Boy Scout troop in Fort Lauderdale that not only likes to hike but enjoys the boating and water opportunities available in South Florida.

Scouts experience traditional rank progression of the Boy Scouts of America (Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star, Life, Eagle, etc.) and traditional Troop leadership positions.  Importantly, and different from Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts employs the “Patrol Method” as the building blocks of the troop.

Inside the troop are a number of patrols each with its own name, members, and boy leaders.  A patrol is a group of boys who, working together as a team, share the responsibility for the patrol's success.  Working together on projects, planning, setting up camp, preparing meals, maintenance and care for equipment, etc. scouts gain confidence serving in positions of patrol leadership and later in leadership positions of the entire Troop.  One of Boy Scouts most valuable strength and learning experience is that it is a boy-led, boy-run organization (Adult leaders help guide and train scouts along the way).

  What sets NT32 apart from every other troop is our Nautical theme and unique campouts. Since we are surrounded by water here in South Florida, we want our scouts to have boating and mariner abilities.  Most of our boys have been Scuba-certified through a partnership with a local dive shop.  Our goal is to get them on and in the water. 

NT32’s campouts include:

  Stiltsville:  We take small boats out to Stiltsville in Biscayne Bay for the weekend, and fish, swim, and water ski.

Hontoon Island & Blue Springs State Park – This is our October campout and gets the boys in cool Florida Spring water down a natural “lazy” river. 

Camp Sawyer in the Keys – This is a Boy Scout Camp located in the lower keys.  We don’t do this trip like other troops, we bring boats and get the kids out lobstering and out seven miles to Lou Key for snorkeling.  On our 2013 trip, we caught over 100 lobsters.

10,000 Islands Expedition  – Another boat trip into the Gulf of Mexico near Chokoloskee where we camp, swim, fish, and sleep on an isolated island. This trip is a favorite among our Scouts.

Appalachian Mountain Trek –  Hardcore mountain hiking, we dehydrate our own food and carry everything on our backs for four days.  First year was the Appalachian Trail (AT) in Georgia, and the second year was the AT outside Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  Fall 2014 we are going to hike the AT around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Bill Baggs - This campout is a pre-requisite to the Appalachian Mountain Trek. Scouts go on a short hike with everything they would need in a backpack to prepare for the AT.

Merit Badge College – A fun campout at Barbara Goleman High School where the Scouts schedule classes and earn merit badges.

Summer Camp - Every year NT32 goes to a different week-long Boy Scout summer camp for the Scouts to earn rank-advancement and merit badges. The first year we went to Camp Powhatan in Virginia, and the second year we went to Camp Thunder in Georgia.

Meetings are held every Tuesday during the school year and may be held less frequently over the summer depending on summer camp and vacation schedules, etc. Meetings take place from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at Saint Jerome Catholic School at 2601 SW 9th Ave in Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33315 (Off SR 84 behind Old Heidelberg).